SketchPaddys is the weekly sketch blog of comics artists Robert Carey, Cormac Hughes, Graeme Howard, Kevin Weldon, Monty Borror, Rob Moran, Peter Mason and Naomi Bolger.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rob Does X23

Here is my interpretation of X23, which is so appropriate considering i am going to see X Men Origins tomorrow, which is today, so yippy. Cormac is issued with the task of drawing the Baroness from the GI Joe series.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cormacs Onslaught

So here is Onslaught my issued challenge from Carey.
I was going to draw him in his original form but it was
more fun to draw him in his weird beast/robot form.

As to CiarĂ¡ns next sketch for Monday I'll stick with the
nineties vibe......... Spawn

Plus check out Shrunken Wool issue 3

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Robs Robocop

This is my reply to Ciaran's challenge, for me to do a sketch of Robocop.
I'm happy with it but as i am currently illustrating a comic , i didn't have as much time as i would have wanted for this but it will do.

I now issue a challenge to Cormac. Draw Onslaught.

Deadline Friday.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday: Iron Man

Welcome to Sketch Paddys, the weekly sketch blog of aspiring comics artists Cormac Hughes, Robert Carey and myself.

Taking our lead from the guys over at Eclectic Micks, we've decided to post a sketch every week. I'll post on Mondays, Rob will post on Wednesdays and Cormac will post on Fridays.

Here's the twist: on the day I post my sketch, I'll challenge Rob to draw a subject of my choosing. When Rob posts on Wednesday he'll decide what Cormac is drawing... and on Friday Cormac will set the subject of my sketch. That's the plan anyway.

To get the ball rolling, the lads asked me to draw Iron Man.

So, let the games begin. Rob, you're mission for Wednesday, should you choose to accept it, is 'Robocop'. From Iron Man to Robocop... it seemed a like a logical step. Enjoy.