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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Monday: Red Rocket 7

I won't get the inks finished tonight so for those of you who check the blog in the morning (Iknow who you are) and for those who like continuity (you know who you are) here is Mike Allred's Red Rocket 7.

I'll throw the final version up on Monday n
ight when its finished. I'm trying to work on my process for bringing an image from the concept stage in my head (that's where baby concepts come from) to finished inks on paper (that's where grown-up concepts live), with bells and whistles, in as fast a time as possible. It's slow going since a Sunday night is really the only time I get to try this stuff out, but I'm sure I'll figure something out eventually.

(finished image + bells + whistles) - (time) = Secret Comic Book Artist Process

Eric Canete (who blew me away when I first saw his art on Cybernary 2.0) has a great routine going over on his blog where he'll do his best in 90 minutes and call it a day after that (of course a background in animation helps. You animators ).

Almost forgot. We're gonna go with a 'Spiderman Villains' theme this week. Carey, if you please, can you get the ball rolling with Venom for no later that Wednesday morning :)

See you again soon.

... (time passes) ...

And here's the final version.


  1. nice hair dryer dude.. i know all your tricks!!

  2. Cheers Kevin, lets see how the finished inks look.

    Ciara: ha ha! Nope, I'm trying a new approach, come round later and have a look

  3. hey man this is sweet, i love the half tone pattern as the texture.
    The rendering of shadow, especially on the leg is awesome.
    I do have one very very minor crit. Did you use the drop shadow option?, cause the character seems to float above the page rather than actually interact.
    Anyway top marks

  4. Thanks Rob. If that's your only crit I must be doin ok (don't mention the back leg :) ). Yeah, after scanning it I wanted to add more weight to the right-hand side so I added a pure black laywer. I didn't bother blending them in because if you squint your eyes and shake your head it looks ok!

  5. This is really good! kudos sir

  6. Ciara, actually I'd like to try draw a surfing picture at some stage.
    Yeah Cormac, feel bad about leaving that out. I'll just have to do another one, with guitar this time.
    Thanks Stephen, I'm lovin' the idea of sci-fi at the moment. (Saw 'Moon' yesterday, really enjoyed it).