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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dubya Oh Seven


  1. Cool I like the pose, comes off well, the only issue, if you dont mind the crit, is it seems you had a bit of trouble with his right hand where the trigger is, think the trigger finger looks a bit broken, its a small crit anyways, overall the piece is good

  2. Thanks JG, you're dead right, and I don't mind at all. That hand is way off, ha. I just have a few minutes to sketch at the moment so I'm not really taking the time I should. Always appreciate comments though. I wasn't too bothered by it when I posted 'cause it's just a phone sketch and a bit of colour, but the more I look at it... now it's really annoying me! heh (Will fix this. Soon)

  3. lol sorry man, didnt mean to be a downer, I understand doing a quick sketch is just that, quick and u get the impression, and for a few minutes you pulled off a sketch far better than I could, so well done :)