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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Its the new guy!

Hello all, I'm Ger Hankey, the new Sketchpaddy! (Mansloth is letting me log in as him till they sort out all the techy details).
So a little bit about me I suppose, I'm an indie (i.e. unemployable) comic artist, and I've done a couple of comics so far, Celtic Knights with Stephen Coffey & Short Sharp Shocks that I wrote & drew myself. I got into comic art from being a Transformers fan since I was seven, and I still tend to do a lot more drawing robots than is probably healthy! I'm currently working on some Transformers scripts so you might see some of that up on the blog when I run out of other stuff to show!
But since its my first time here I though I'd do up a sketch especially (I even went to the bother of colouring it too!)
So enjoy Supergirl, but don't get too excited, I'll probably be back to giant feckin' robots by next time!



  1. Great stuff Ger, delighted to have you on board. I think to celebrate, we should have a Kryptonian themed week, inspired by your awesome Supergirl.

  2. Awesome stuff dude welcome to the fold.Bagsy Power Girl.

  3. Thanks Lads! I was going to do Power Girl myself, but it kind of evolved as I went along (not big enough in certain areas probably). I'll try do a Zod or maybe Krypto in a few days.

  4. Great start to SketchPaddys Ger! Really looking forward to checkin out what you and the lads get up to in the coming weeks. Good stuff!