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Friday, April 24, 2009

Cormacs Onslaught

So here is Onslaught my issued challenge from Carey.
I was going to draw him in his original form but it was
more fun to draw him in his weird beast/robot form.

As to Ciaráns next sketch for Monday I'll stick with the
nineties vibe......... Spawn

Plus check out Shrunken Wool issue 3


  1. So you're bringing your A Game? Cormac, this is... pretty _(*&)*&^ing cool! It's also not fair (just 'cause)... but it's cool. God damn it.

    So Spawn? That's gonna be good because there are so many different 'flavours' to choose from.

    And congratulations by the way on your first published comic!

  2. Brilliant work by the three of you. Great start to a great blog. Good Jorb