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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Monday: Zealot

The football image never happened so instead you get Zealot. A very angry, pointy Zealot. Grrrrr.

Carey, I want you to draw the Pink Panther. Haaahhaahaha! But if anyone posts a different suggestion that you like, you can choose that instead. Adios.


  1. Nice picture, i like the blue hair.
    You can fornicate a fork truck if you think im drawing the Pink Panther. I had to create a 3d model of him once and animate a walk cycle, it was not fun times.
    so i will leave it open for suggestion til Monday night, if none are posted i have a couple of ideas.

  2. I have a suggestion.... How about you stop being such a gay and draw the bloody Pink Panther. Its not something you would ever think of doing, so it will push you out of your comfort zone.
    But since you're asking i might as well suggest the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Have at you!
    Nice pic Ciaran but i was interested to see how the footballer thing would have been done.

  3. Was looking forward to the football image thats a pity

  4. Well John, nice to hear from you. Nature conspired against me etc etc but its still coming. Don't worry, you'll get your precious picture :)

    And Carey: what Derek said.

  5. Thats funny if you drew the Black Knight you would'nt have to draw arms or legs. I would like to see you draw Robot and or Invincible from....

  6. well you could draw black knight with any combination of arms or legs. Therein lies the beauty! Plus it would be good for us non comic readers to see someone we know:)

  7. i think... draw the pink panther... you chicken you!!!!

  8. anyone can draw a bat and a man.. ooh we have batman!!! the pink panther is a whole new level!!! so are chickens....

  9. Eh... yeah Carey!

    (oh the irony :))

  10. Yeah actually, don't let my suggestion override the fact that you should do the pink panther. Look to the side of the blog and you'll see this.

    "Every post is a challenge. Just like getting out of bed in the morning is a challenge."

    So meet it head on you cant just say no Ill do this instead what i was asked to do. That way lies anarchy :)
    Cant wait to see it

  11. Fine, ill do the pink panther, but i tried to warn you, i tried to stop this. What happens next is on your heads,,,dear god i wish i could stop my self,,,but,,,but,,aaahhhhhhhhahhhhhhah.

    ps derek
    Man U suck

  12. boo bleedin hoo ya baby!

    ps mansloth
    so what