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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Robs Stink Panther

I decided to stick to the rules of sketch paddys, and draw the pink panther as challenged. Had to stick in Cormacs choice of Invincible, such a great character and comic.
I hope this will lead as an example for some. not looking at someone who cant follow rules, eh am I Ciaran, eh?
I want a theme for the next two challenges, since i have done Pink Panther, i will DEMAND that Cormac draw Cheetara, from Thunder Cats.
Cormac, i want you then to issue a challenge to suit this weeks theme for Ciaran, if you want.


  1. I couldn't disagree more. This is simply outrageous and appalling. The audacity? To be quite honest, I'm shocked. Wertham was right.

  2. Brilliant! Well worth the wait.

  3. also ive drawn pink panther die in many many ways, having to animate him in college for several projects, i often vented my frustrations in this way, this one though i like alot, i think it would be pretty popular in college!

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  5. This time I'll get my spelling right:
    I was hoping for a Pink Panther/Monty Python Black Night mash-up. **Sigh**

    The Pink Panther Theme would make an excellent alternative Funeral March...