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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Monday: Death's Head II

I thought I'd read up on Death's Head II and see what his backstory was about. I've always loved the design of this character, mainly because of how Salvador Larroca and Liam Sharp would draw him, so I was curious if his story was any good. Several wiki's later... and this guy must have one of the most convoluted origins in the history of comics, involving the Transformers, Doctor Who, and the Fantastic Four, just to mention a few. Anyway, here he is.

Rob, you've got a choice this week. I saw Star Trek yesterday and the G.I. Joe trailer was on, so I wanna see either Snake Eyes or Storm Shadow.


  1. Nice, i like the white splash effect. Very frank Miller.
    Star Trek rocked didn't it.
    Thanks for such cool options.
    i will have to go with snake eyes though.

  2. :) I knew you would. I won't hold it against you.

  3. Cheers Will. I was sick at the weekend so it was a pretty lazy attempt... until I discovered paint splatter.
    I'm ruined. Now I just want to cover everything in white splatter... eh...

  4. Maybe you and Dec should get a room together and explore yere love of white splatter

  5. Hahah. You should try it man, you might like it. I got these brushes man. You gotta try it once, I'll throw in a tooth brush man, just try it...

  6. This site is turning very gay very fast, i love it. it explains all the white splatter in my pants.(jizz)

  7. I can't believe Carey bet me to a white splatter in pants joke.

  8. It would be a very short race with us all running towards that joke.

    Very nice man. The splatter done digitally? I've never seen digital splatter really work, but this ain't half bad.

    I also saw that GI Joe trailer before Star Trek. The trailer looked TERRRRRRRRIBLE.


  9. I saw the Wolverine trailer and I knew straight away it would be embarrassing. Actually I knew it when I saw the posters, all the characters lined up like it was some bad television series for the Sci-Fi channel but...

    I like the look of GI Joe. I'm a slow learner though. One man's sauce is another man's white splatter.

    The splatter is just blank ink, scanned, inverted and adjusted.

    So it's only half digital... which is probably why it's only half bad!

  10. I really like this one. He looks scary. Looks like the kind of thing Liam Sharp would draw.