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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Robs Snakey Eyes and Cockadile Tears

This is snake eyes. . Gi joe resident badass , master of basassary. He likes to jump.
I seen the trailer for the film before Star Trek and it looks like the worst movie ever,EVER.

Cormac, i want you to draw for friday,
one of the Teenage mutant ninja turtles.


  1. Alright lads, Mooney here from the Micks. Some excellent, excellent stuff going on here on a thoroughly consistent basis. Ye're makin us look bad. Keep it up!

  2. thanks for the comments, we are big fans of eclectic micks, though for ages i was calling it electric micks, it was what inspired us to set this shite up.
    The snake eyes is my attempt to get some more of a dynamic feeling in some of my poses, and considering it took about an hour to do i am happy enough, but not totally.

  3. PS-your pic of wolverine pulling the lad off himself is my personal fav so far.
    Are all you lads heading to the 2D festival up north soon?
    Is it worth going to?

  4. Carey this is your best yet by a long shot. Love the action pose. An hour? Excuse me while I eat some soap. And you're right, this guy is the king of basassary... or is that banassary.

  5. Very nice pose, sir. Must say fair play to ye for keeping up with the regular posts. You can call us Electric Micks if you like, but it might suggest something completely different.

    4 of us are heading to 2D; Mooney, Sliney, Roche and myself. I had a blast last year. You get to talk comics and meet a rake of folk who make comics. And get drunk with 'em. I'd say it's worth it.

  6. Wow this is a savage drawing! the whole concept of the blog is cool too, the challenging each other thing is a nice idea! Great work lads, the micks could have some competion! lol Keep it up!

  7. Great pose. Would be great as an opening page.