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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Robs Terminator

Here is my entry this week, also my first color piece here as well. Haven't colored in a while and enjoyed it till i somehow put my back out doing it. So i can officially say i am suffering for my art.
Cormac, you need to produce a picture of Bizzaro, for friday.


  1. It looks great man I really like the subtle colours.They are a bit too good almost as if you had detailed files on human anatomy?

  2. Cormac,I forgot to say you can have batzaro as an option as well, cause he is awesome looking.

  3. Check out my blog for a sample of Manifest Destiny, a project i worked on for Twofold Comics.

  4. Nicely done Carey. The cyborg bits n pieces look great. I think the new movie is out this week.

    A little tip though. If you're gonna colour in photoshop you have to get a little lens flare action going on. It's always a good trick to stop people in their tracks for 5/6 minutes wondering "how did he do that?" Other than that, its cool.