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Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday: Meeow

Here it is. Better late than never.

I'd appreciate some feedback on this one guys, if you have a minute, particularly the anatomy and scale and stuff. I can't tell what it looks like at this stage.

Ok, Carey, your up. I want to see THOR for Wednesday. Olivier Coipel did a short but great run on Thor a while back, with J. Michael Straczynski, and it looked fantastic. What a penciller.
So, no pressure at all.


  1. hey man looks good. i dig the rendering on the leather, but there are issues about anatomy.
    first it looks like she has no neck, but that her head is beginning at the clavicle.there is to much rib cage following her left shoulder, their would be more of a convex shape to her side.
    keep up the goood work and thanks for thor this will be fun.

  2. Wud ya listen to Careys Anatomy,I think it looks great man there's a real sense of movement plus shiny!!

  3. Yeah, I know! If he had his way we'd be drawing 6 packs on everything from babies to pensioners. No, I appreciate the feedback.

    I find I get to a point with a drawing where I want a photograph to see how the anatomy really works in that pose. Especially if there's foreshortening going on. Do you think Poser would be good for that? Just to check anatomy and perspective after the sketch?

    I should probably try to build the pose from the ground up with shapes instead.

  4. i tried poser, but i didn't like it, it has no soul. i admit to using 3de Max for more complicated scenes, for layout and establishing vanishing points, but for figures you are best using shapes to define the pose then reference the anatomy from a books.
    i would highly recommend
    Giovanni Civardi - Drawing Portraits Faces And Figures
    Andrew Loomis - Figure Drawing for all it's Worth
    or anything by Burne Hogarth .